In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade, and he carries the reminder of every glove that laid him down or cut him 'till he cried out, in his anger and his shame "I am leaving, I am leaving," but the fighter still remains.
Angst call @Dax
Martha: I swear I'll kill you if you laugh… /Do/ you think I'm boring? 'Cause worrying that you do is pretty much the only real insecurity I have when it comes to us.
Dax: Please don't kill me, darlin'. Martha...babe, do you really think I think that? What the hell would make you think that anyway? I have more fun with you than I have with anyone else. You're the farthest thing from boring.
Angst call @Dax
Martha: It's not even about pride. It honestly just sounds really stupid when said out loud.
Dax: Maaaaaaaaaaartha, just say it.
Angst call @Dax
Martha: I think we were supposed to be at that point ages ago, but it's never exactly been our strong suit.
Dax: So try...don't tell me to just forget it because of pride or some shit.
Angst call @Dax
Martha: I swear I'm not. It's just… I don't know. It's dumb, so just forget it.
Dax: I think we're supposed to be at that point where we can communicate.
Angst call @Dax
Martha: You didn't do anything wrong.
Dax: Well you're upset. Are you really gonna try and bullshit me?


This isn’t an official post, but just for the sake of timing and so everyone gets questions, feel free to like this post if you want headcanons and I can reblog it later tonight.



For those of you who don’t know what a headcanon is, you can find explanations here and here. Basically, a headcanon in this context is a fact about your character that you have thought out, but haven’t necessarily mentioned in the bio or in any of your interactions.


The idea of headcanon day is to send other members prompts (anonymously or not) through their ask box, and they will then respond with a headcanon for their character relating to that prompt. For instance, if you were to get the prompt “fears”, you would write something in relation to the fears you character has. Easy peasy, right?

Reblogging this just to explain what headcanon day is for those of you who haven’t participated yet or need a refresher. I guess we don’t really need a time limit, but we can start whenever. 

I’m just going to post a link and whoever wants to do it can reblog it redirecting to their ask.